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HiSpeed Plasmid Midi Kit (25)

Cat no: 12643

Supplier: Qiagen
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HiSpeed Midi and Maxi Plasmid Kits. For ultrafast purification of up to 750 micro g transfection-grade plasmid or cosmid DNA. Kit contents: Qiagen HiSpeed Plasmid Midi Kit, 25 preps, 50L to 150mL Culture Volume, Transfection-grade Plasmid or Cosmid DNA Purification, Anion-exchange Technology, Manual Processing, <45 min. Time/Run, <200g Yield, Ideal for Transfection, Cloning, Sequencing, Gene Silencing, For Ultrafast Purification of Up to 200g Transfection-grade Plasmid or Cosmid DNA, Includes 25 HiSpeed Midi Tips, 25 QIAfilter Midi Cartridges, 25 QIAprecipitator Midi Modules Plus Syringes, Reagents, Buffers. Benefits: Less than�60 minutes prep time. Lysate clearing and isopropanol precipitation without centrifugation. No risk of DNA pellet loss during precipitation. Up to 750 micro g yield of high-copy plasmid DNA. LyseBlue for optimum lysis and maximum DNA yield. Large-scale plasmid preparation without vacuum manifold
Catalogue number: 12643
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