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Frontier Acela Fume Hoods

Frontier Acela Fume Hoods

Supplier: ESCO
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Esco Frontier™ Acela is a world class laboratory fume hood designed for maximum protection of your laboratory personnel. Produced and designed by the leader in clean-air technology, with nearly 4 decades of experience, this platform is outfitted with precisely tuned aerodynamics for outstanding user safety. The system offers high energy-efficiency, design flexibility and delivers outstanding operator ergonomics.

* High Energy Savings
* Precisely tuned aerodynamics for operator safety
* Design flexibility for custom systems

Key Benefits:
* Superior containment at 100fpm
* Outstanding operator ergonomics such as 5-degree sloped front
- High energy efficiency for substantial long-term savings
- UL Classified

Disclaimer: Esco FrontierTMis UL classified. Due to the custom nature of the range, some options do not qualify for the UL label.
Size: 4ft., 5ft., 6ft., 8ft.
Weight: Varies with size
P type: Fume Hood
Research area: Chemical Research
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