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Fluent™ – the new laboratory automation solution for cell-based assays

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The Fluent laboratory automation solution is the latest addition to Tecan’s world-class laboratory automation portfolio. Fluent is a unique automation concept built around the application-specific needs of laboratories, delivering more capacity and increased speed. Initially focusing on the complete automation of cell-based and biochemical assay workflows, Fluent brings together all the modules and devices required for automation of these assays in a single efficient and easy-to-use platform.

Even complex cell-based assays can be automated using the platform’s FluentControl™ software, freeing researchers to focus on other tasks. Fluent’s built-in touchscreen interface simplifies day-to-day activities by guiding scientists through routine set-up and operation of the system for consistent, reproducible operation. It can provide graphical instructions and prompts for every step of the set-up process, from the number and type of cell plates required to the exact location of compound plates and assay reagents, helping to ensure compliance with SOPs and assay protocols. This is complemented by a PC-based programming environment which offers ‘drag and drop’ protocol development, 3D modeling and contextual checks to ensure rapid, easy scripting. FluentControl also offers straightforward integration and control of a wide range of Tecan and third-party devices, providing user-friendly, walkaway automation of virtually any cell-based assay workflow.

Key features:

• Modular Dynamic Deck™ – multi­level design allows flexible integration of complementary devices
• Three deck sizes available – offering deck capacities from 30 to 72 microplates
• Task-specific arms – simultaneous operation to ensure timely completion of assays
• High definition pipetting – with predefined liquid classes for optimal accuracy and reproducibility
• Path Finder™ technology – avoids the need for laborious programming of individual arm movements
• Intuitive touchscreen – with graphical instructions and embedded SOPs

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