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Flip Cap Centrifuge Tubes

Flip Cap Centrifuge Tubes

Supplier: Porvair Sciences Ltd
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Porvair Sciences has introduced a new range of high grade polypropylene flip cap centrifuge tubes that combine ease of use, chemical resistance and high speed tolerance.

Designed for easy one-handed operation the secure leak proof flip cap lid on each centrifuge tube can also be unscrewed. Available in a range of standard sizes the dimensions of Porvair flip cap centrifuge tubes are compatible with almost all centrifuge rotors. Affordably priced - Porvair flip cap centrifuge tubes can be spun up to 9400G and will withstand repeated autoclaving at 121C or long term storage at -80C. For easy identification each centrifuge tube has a solvent resistant writing area.

Porvair 15ml and 50ml flip cap centrifuge tubes have thin clear polypropylene walls and can withstand 8000G and 12000G respectively. Self-standing centrifuge tubes are available in the popular 50ml size with conical bottoms and an outer collar that allows the tube to stand on a bench and can withstand 6000G.

Production of Porvair flip cap centrifuge tubes is carried out in a Class 10000 / ISO Class VII clean environment to ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing standards to ensure all products are free from DNA/RNA, DNase/RNase and Pyrogen contamination. Porvair centrifuge tubes are supplied gamma irradiated sterile packaged in zip sealed bags.

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