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Evidence Investigator Immunoassay Analyser

Evidence Investigator Immunoassay Analyser

Cat no: EV3602

Supplier: Randox Laboratories
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The Evidence Investigator offers complete patient profiling with the most comprehensive test menu on the market. This system consolidates immunoassay and molecular diagnostics on a single platform with protein and DNA biochips.

Utilising revolutionary Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence Investigator allows simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample for efficient and cost effective testing.

The Evidence Investigator is a compact, semi-automated bench top platform applicable in a wide range of settings including; pharma, research, veterinary, forensic and clinical laboratories.
Catalogue number: EV3602
Size: (WxDxH) 420 x 480 x 750 mm
P type: Biochip Analyzer
Regulatory status: Inquire
Functional testing: 23 Assays per Biochip; 9 Biochips per Carrier
Research area: Protein, Drug Screening and DNA (Full Test Menu Available)
Additional info: Inquire
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