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Effectene Transfection Reagent (4 x 1 ml)

Cat no: 301427

Supplier: Qiagen
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Effectene Transfection Reagent. For DNA transfection of primary cells and sensitive cell lines. Kit contents: Qiagen Effectene Transfection Reagent, 4 x 1mL, For 160 Transfections in 60mm Dishes or 640 Transfections in 12-well Plates, Eukaryotic Cell Type, For DNA Transfection of Primary Cells and Sensitive Cell Lines, Non-liposomal Lipid Formulation in Conjonction with a DNA-Condensing Enhancer, High Efficiency in the Presence of Serum, Suitable for High-throughput Screening, Includes Enhancer, Buffer. Benefits: High efficiency in the presence of serum. Efficient transfection with low DNA amounts. Far lower cytotoxicity and gentler than many alternatives. Suitable for high-throughput screening
Catalogue number: 301427
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