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DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (50)

Cat no: 69104

Supplier: Qiagen
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DNeasy Plant Mini Kit. For isolation of up to 30 micro g total cellular DNA from plant cells and tissues, or fungi. Kit contents: Qiagen DNeasy Plant Mini Kit, 50 preps, <100mg Sample, 50 to 400L Elution Volume, Plant Cells, Tissues Sample, DNA Purification, Silica Technology, Spin Column Format, 3 to 30g Yield, Rapid Isolation of Ready-to-use DNA, For Isolation of up to 30g Total Cellular DNA from Plant Cells, Tissues or Fungi, Includes 50 DNeasy Mini Spin Columns, 50 QIAshredder Mini Spin Columns, RNase A, Buffers, 2mL Collection Tubes. Benefits: Pure DNA, free from contaminants and enzyme inhibitors. Rapid isolation of ready-to-use DNA. No organic extraction, no ethanol precipitation
Catalogue number: 69104
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