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Cat no: CK1296* C1553* CK3879 CK3893 CK4043* CK7946 CK9717 CK3813

Supplier: Randox Laboratories
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Creatine Kinase is an enzyme produced in many different types of cells, but which is particularly important in muscles. High levels of CK can indicate muscle trauma or damage as a result of seizures, surgery, bruises, inflammation, or nutritional and degenerative diseases. In a person with chest pain, levels of CK can be measured to assess whether or not they have had a heart attack. High levels of CK are suggestive of muscle damage and a high CK-MB level indicates that the damage was heart specific. The Randox high quality, reliable CK-MB reagent offers excellent assay performance.
Catalogue number: CK1296* C1553* CK3879 CK3893 CK4043* CK7946 CK9717 CK3813
Regulatory status: Some FDA cleared (marked with a *)
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