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Cavro Multi-Channel Pump (XMP) for Liquid Handling Applications

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Cavro® XMP 6000 Multi-Channel Pump

• The economical solution for parallel pipetting
• increased throughput using multi-channel configuration
• economical use of space
• robustness and reliability results in long life and less maintenance

The Cavro XMP 6000 Multi-Channel Pump is a compact, cost effective, multi-channel pump designed for liquid handling applications in the 10 µl to 5 ml range, and is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8- channel configurations. The multi-channel pump is ideal for multi-probe liquid handling tasks such as sample transfer, dilutions, mixing, reagent addition and plate reformatting.

The Cavro XMP 6000 Multi-Channel Pump has been designed for ease of integration and low maintenance. The pump’s new hardware and firmware automatically detects the communication interface (RS 232, RS 485, or CAN) and communication protocol (OEM, Data Terminal). The pump also provides two digital inputs and three outputs for TTL level signals that can be used for synchronization with external devices. Multi-module communication is possible through RS 485 or CAN interface, addressing up to 15 modules through a single communication bus.

The Cavro XMP 6000 Multi-Channel Pump family of products is UL recognized (standard UL61010A-1) and bears the UL designation label.

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