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Cardiac Risk Prediction Array

Cardiac Risk Prediction Array

Supplier: Randox Laboratories
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Simultaneous genotyping of 19 SNPs for a reliable CHD risk assessment

Current CHD risk assessment tools based on common risk factors such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels have low predictive value. Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) have been carried out to identify genetic variants associated with CHD. These studies have identified 18 variants (SNPs) as being associated with CHD. The presence of multiple ‘at risk' alleles can increase the risk of developing CHD two fold or greater.

Randox has developed a rapid array which will allow all 18 SNPs to be genotyped simultaneously. The genotype information is then put into an algorithm which weights each SNP and calculates a CHD genetic risk score. This score is combined with common risk factors and an overall CHD risk score is calculated. A SNP which can predict response to particular statin therapies is also included.

Key Benefits

• Identifies patients genetically predisposed to statin-induced myopathy
• Allows more accurate classification and preventative actions to be taken
• Simple and rapid protocol allows patient sample to be genotyped in one day
• Easy to interpret results using Evidence Investigator
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