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Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit (10)

Cat no: 13362

Supplier: Qiagen
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Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit. For isolation of up to 500 micro g high-molecular-weight DNA from blood and cultured cells. Kit contents: Qiagen Blood & Cell Culture DNA Maxi Kit, 0.1 to 2mL Elution Volume, 20mL/1 x 10e8 Sample, 350 to 400g Yield, Genomic Tip Format, Anion-exchange Technology, Manual Processing, Ideal for PCR, RFLP, Blotting, Screening Applications, For Isolation of up to 500g High-molecular-weight DNA from Blood and Cultured Cells, Includes 10 Qiagen Genomic-tip 500/G, Qiagen Protease, Buffers. Benefits: Reliable isolation of DNA up to 150 kb in size. No phenol or chloroform extractions. Convenient, parallel processing of multiple samples
Catalogue number: 13362
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