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Awel CF 20 Classical Ventilated Bench Top Centrifuge

Cat no: CF 20

Supplier: NuAire, Inc.
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NuAire's Awel CF 20 Classical Ventilated Centrifuge provides 4 x 200 ml capacity for diagnostic, research, or industrial applications. This system is dedicated to standard applications in Virology, Bacteriology, Immunology, Genetics, and/or Cell Culture. A slim design offers a smaller footprint saving valuable workspace. A low profile offers better sight lines into the work area enhancing the Research's ability to clean the bowl. Unique features such as a Motorized Locking Lid offers increased safety as well as low force lid closing.
Catalogue number: CF 20
Size: 16
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
P type: Bench Top Centrifuge
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