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AQ2 Advanced Discrete Analyzer

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The AQ2 is a fully automated discrete analyzer, providing nutrient analysis to ISO/EPA/ASTM standards.

Based on the number of winning bids in published public tenders, the AQ2 is the most widely used discrete analyzer in the USA. This high level of popularity can be attributed to the instrument's flexibility - the AQ2 is able to conduct many tests per sample and accommadate both small or large workloads.

Methods are available for Alkalinity, Ammonia, Chloride, Cyanides, Nitrate/Nitrite, Nitrite,Phenolics, Phosphate, ortho Phosphorus, total Silicate, Sulfate, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen and many more. Importantly, the AQ2 offers TRUE unattended operation; freeing laboratory staff for other work.

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