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Allprotect Tissue Reagent (100 ml)

Cat no: 76405

Supplier: Qiagen
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Allprotect Tissue Reagent. For immediate stabilization of DNA, RNA, and protein in tissues. Kit contents: Qiagen Allprotect Tissue Reagent, 100mL, For Immediate Stabilization of DNA, RNA and Protein in Tissues, Standardized Sample Preparation for Systems Biology, Stabilized Tissues Can be Transported at 15 to 25C for Up to 7 Days or Stored at 2 to 8C for Up to 12 Months, For Longer Storage, Stabilized Tissues Can be Archived at -20C or -80C, Ideal for Real-time PCR and RT-PCR Analyses. Benefits: No need for liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Immediate, convenient stabilization of harvested tissues. Long-term storage of tissues for later analysis. Standardized sample preparation for systems biology
Catalogue number: 76405
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