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Academic Discount with BaySpec's Nomadic Multi-excitation Confocal Raman Microscope!

Supplier: BaySpec, Inc.
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BaySpec, Inc. is offering special academic discount with the new NomadicTM multi-excitation confocal Raman microscope.

NomadicTM is the only Raman microscope on the market today simultaneously equipped with three excitation sources from visible to NIR(532, 785, 1064 nm or custom). It offers a versatile platform including nondestructive chemical imaging without any sample preparation for all sample situations.

BaySpec’s new dispersive 1064 nm Raman technology with highly efficient InGaAs detectors and proprietary grating technology offer unmatched sensitivity, speed, and the advantages of confocal Raman micro-spectroscopy for fluorescent and luminescent samples.

The NomadicTM is equipped with dedicated spectrographs and detectors for each excitation wavelength ensuring optimal spectral coverage, resolution, and sensitivity. Automated laser switching and power attenuating, confocal slits, motorized sample stage with 0.1 µm precision are all conveniently controlled by BaySpec’s spec 20/20 software. Coupled to a research grade optical microscope, the NomadicTM delivers unprecedented flexibility and versatility beyond conventional Raman measurement, such as micro-VIS/NIR spectroscopy, single-particle Raman, single-nanoparticle SERS and Rayleigh scattering spectroscopy, single-molecule spectroscopy, hyperspectral fluorescence imaging and AFM.

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