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6700 Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer

Cat no: 670 0B0

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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• Colour touch screen display
• High quality, sealed split beam optics for optimum photometric performance
• Secure multi-user operation
• Save to SD memory cards
• Enhanced productivity
• Extensive range of accessories for flexibility and improve productivity

There are three models in the 67 series - Model 6700 covers the visible range of the spectrum and has a 4nm bandwidth; Models 6705 and 6715 cover the UV/visible range of the spectrum and have a 4nm and 1.5nm bandwidth respectively. All three instruments have modes for photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation, giving direct concentration results against single or multi-point calibrations. With extensive post measurement tools to ensure results are presented exactly to each users requirements the 67 series spectrophotometers also offer significant advances in data portability.

Together, the touch screen and colour display give the fastest, most flexible instrument interface possible. Where fine cursor control is required, using the QWheel makes the task easy and precise.

Jenway have developed Secure Multi User Operation for when instruments are shared by a number of users, so access to the instrument functions is controlled through a secure log-in procedure. For maximum security PIN codes can be allocated to individuals, groups or departments and to further increase flexibility each method can be given three levels of security:

• Public access is free to all users.
• Read only methods can be accessed by all users, but only modified by the originator.
• Personal method can only be accessed by the logged in user

The high capacity internal memory of the 67 series enables over 500 methods and results to be stored. Removable SD cards further increases the flexibility and data transfer and enables the direct transfer of results to a PC via a USB port. Here all data can be viewed, exported, saved or printed for generating reports and standard operating procedures. Copying the SD card to the instrument's internal memory enables the easy cloning of multiple instruments, ensuring common laboratory practice and speeding set-up in busy teaching establishments.

Catalogue number: 670 0B0
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