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6-Recess 100ml Multi (Extraction) Mantle

Cat no: EME6 0100/CEB

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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The Multi (Extraction) Mantle with six recesses has a built-in electronic controller and offers a choice of heater only (EME6) or heater/stirrer (EMEA6) combination models. They may be used with the FM110 Flow Monitor.

The vented case's unique air flow ensures the case remains "cool-to-the-touch".

For both Heater EME6 and Heater/Stirrer EMEA6 models

• Individual built-in solid state electronic controls enable easy regulation of heater, while removing sparking associated with mechanical switching
• Three 12.7mm diameter support rods are included
• Round bottom flask capacity from 100ml to 1000ml at all 6 positions
• Top cover is polypropylene and external surfaces are powder coated giving good general chemical resistance
• Coiled heating element is suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support
• Earth (ground) screen encloses the heater for added safety
• Individual heater cartridges are replaceable
• Neon lights indicate when power is on and supplied to heaters and, if applicable, supplied to stirrers

Additional Features for Heater/Stirrer EMEA6 models

• Allow the solution to be stirred and heated simultaneously
• Provide stirring speeds of between 50 to 1000rpm
• One stirring control operates each set of six recesses

Warranty: One year parts and labour
Certification: CE

Catalogue number: EME6 0100/CEB
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