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T-LSM Series Miniature Motorized Linear Stages with Built-in Controllers - VIDEO
Zaber Technologies Inc.

Overview• 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm travel• 10 kg load capacity• Up to 29 mm/s speed and up to 55 N thrust• Our most compact motorized stage with built-in controllers• Built-in controller; daisy chains with other T-series productsDescriptionZaber's T-LSM series devices are computer-controlled motorized linear stages with high thrust and speed capabilities and a very compact size. They are stand-alone units requiring only a standard 15V power...
SAN++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer - VIDEO

The Skalar San++ analyzer provides the most proven and reliable technology available today in automatic wet chemistry analysis.  The analyzer is designed for all environmental and industrial fields such as water, food, beverages, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, soil, plant and tobacco.  The San++ is the recognized system for reliable 24 hour a day operation. The analyzer is a modular concept and can be configured to meet the needs of any laboratory, including...
Sirius L Single Tube Luminometer - VIDEO
Titertek-Berthold (Berthold Detection Systems GmbH)

The Sirius L is a fully computer operated single tube luminometer of highest sensitivity. It is upgradeable with up to 2 injectors. Interchangeable sample adapters allow injection into different sample formats. The sample is loaded into a retractable drawer. The luminometer is equipped with a door close sensor to initiate automatic measurement start after complete closing of the drawer as well as a sample presence detector to prevent injection into an empty measurement...
Zoom Microplate Washer - VIDEO
Titertek-Berthold (Berthold Detection Systems GmbH)

The Zoom Microplate Washer is a versatile and easy-to-use microplate washer for 96- and 384-well plates. Flexible user-defined settings make the Zoom Washer adaptable to all your microplate washing needs. The selectable dispense flow rate, aspirate time and aspirate tips positioning make the Zoom Washer a perfect tool for a variety of applications ranging from vigorous ELISA washing to gentle cell washing.For the Zoom Washer an up to two reagent Dispense Module is...
Zoom HT Microplate Washer - VIDEO
Titertek-Berthold (Berthold Detection Systems GmbH)

The Zoom HT Washer is a robust, rapid, and easy-to-use microplate washer for 96- and 384-well plates. It has a unique built-in stacker providing unattended plate processing with unsurpassed speed. The Zoom HT Washer is equipped with the same high quality wash head and flexible programming features as the Zoom Washer. This eliminates the need of application specific wash heads or other technical modifications. The Zoom HT Washer is the perfect tool for all applications...
Stabilizor System - VIDEO
Denator AB

The StabilizorTM system uses conductive heating, at controlled pressure, to generate rapid, homogenous thermal denaturation to preserve tissue samples as close as possible to their in vivo state. Heat stabilization permanently prevents post-mortem changes from the moment of sampling, thereby preserves the original composition and state of proteins, peptides and post-translational modifications and increases the accuracy and quality of analytical results. After heat...
Twin Guard -860C Ultra Low Freezer - VIDEO
Panasonic Healthcare Company

Give your samples the ultimate protection of patented Twin Guard® Technology - two independent systems can individually sustain ultra-low temperature in the event of a failure, so you can rest easy knowing that your valuable work is in good hands.  
AB SCIEX 6500 Series - VIDEO

See what couldn’t be seen. Until now. The new AB SCIEX 6500 LC/MS/MS series with multi-component IonDrive™ technology is the world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole, improving sensitivity up to 10X and detector dynamic range by 20X over the best selling high performance triple quad – with no compromise in mass range.   Unique QTRAP® linear in trap technology and optional SelexION™ differential ion mobility technology help enhance...
ELGA LabWater

The ELGA PURELAB flex delivers ultrapure water direct from tap water: saves money no need for feed system, absolute water purity of up to 18.2MΩ-cm, ergonomic dispense handset is easy to use and shows water purity at a glance, a unique choice of dispense options, perfect for all your analytical and life-science applications.
mosquito Crystal - VIDEO
TTP LabTech

TTP LabTech’s mosquito® Crystal is a compact nanolitre pipettor for automating sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch screening set up, without instrument configuration change.It aspirates and dispenses nanolitre volumes (25 – 1.200 nL), saving valuable protein sample hence increasing the potential range of screening conditions.It’s extremely accurate drop positioning and dispense volume ensures reproducible results while disposable, positive...
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