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Ugo Basile

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Ugo Basile is the world's leading manufacturer of instruments for Pain and Behavioral Research.

With more than 10,000 hits in the major bibliographic search engines, Ugo Basile provides classic and innovative instruments that scientists have been using worldwide since 1963: Rota-rod, Plethysmometer, Randall-Selitto Analgesy-meter, Plantar Test (Hargreaves Test), Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer, Von Frey Hairs & Electronic Von Frey, Orofacial Stimulation Test, P.A.M. for Joint Pain, Rodent Ventilator, Gas Anesthesia.

Orofacial Stimulation Test
Orofacial Stimulation Test
Ugo Basile

The Orofacial Stimulation Test by Ugo Basile measures hypersensitivity to thermal or mechanical stimulation of the trigeminal area.Rats voluntarily contact a...

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