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PRECOS provides PRE-Clinical Oncology research Services.

We have a track record of providing advanced oncology models and expertise in:

• The PREdict® Platform: From patient tissue to validated models.
• The PREval® Platform: Target validation in in vitro as well as in vivo systems.
• The PREcise® Platform: Validated, accurate, reproducible in vitro and in vivo models.
• Bioluminescent and fluorescent models enabling real-time quantitative measurement of tumour progression and drug efficacy.
• Orthotopic and metastatic models.
• Extensive experience in combination studies.
• Focusing on your success, providing expert advice from model/study design to result interpretation.

PREdict® platform
PREdict® platform

The PREdict® platform provides validated, early passage in vitro and in vivo models from primary patient tissue. These can be recapitulated with...

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