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Senova Systems

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Senova Systems develops, manufactures and sells next-generation sensor systems based on coupling its patented chemistries with advanced materials and proprietary microelectronics.

Senova Systems’ first focus is a revolutionary new pH sensor platform, which replaces current glass electrodes with solid-state, smart sensors that contain no glass and require no user calibration. This breakthrough offers significant operational and economic benefits in the life science, food and beverage, dairy, petrochemical, water and environmental sectors, and will ultimately enable novel advances in healthcare and other specialized applications unachievable with conventional pH electrodes.

pHit Scanner™ calibration-free pH meter
pHit Scanner™ calibration-free pH meter
Senova Systems

- Calibration-free- Non-glass- Dry-storage- Handheld form factor- User replaceable sensor cartridge- General laboratory use- pH Range: 2-12- pH unit...

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