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Skalar, established in 1965, is a manufacturer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. The company has since grown into a worldwide organization with its own subsidiaries in most European countries, North America and India, and with over fifty representatives throughout the world. All these organizations are focused on providing the best support to both existing and potential customers.

Skalar analyzers are in daily routine operation in all types of laboratories, and handling sample volumes from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands annually.

Skalar, an ISO 9001 certified organization, has built up a wealth of knowledge and has generated a vast library of information and techniques that support well-proven applications.

In recent years Skalar’s own continuing research and development has added many new innovative analyzers to its product ranges. Instrumentation Includes: Complete automated Total Cyanide Analysis by Amperometric or Kelada (EPA approved and adapted in the Federal Register)

• Continuous Flow Analysis for both nutrients and industrial applications including Total UV Nitrogen/Phosphate, MBAS, Phenol
• Robotic analyzers automated BOD, COD, pH/EC, Titrations, sample-prep.
• Total OrganicCarbon Analysis, TOC (solids and liquids)
• Total Nitrogen analysis (solids and liquids) • Automated On-line analysis

SAN++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer
SAN++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer

The Skalar San++ analyzer provides the most proven and reliable technology available today in automatic wet chemistry analysis. The analyzer is designed for...

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