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Abel Industries Canada Ltd.

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Manufacture of AbelBonded® Gas Chromatography Columns (AB GC Columns), Abel Industries® offers complete stationary selections and consistent high performance AB GC columns.

Abel Industries® also supplies HPLC columns, SPE, Solvent Evaporators, Syringe Filters, Vials, Septa, Caps, and Etc.

Abel Industries® serves customers through an extensive network of direct sales, service representatives and distribution partners in many countries.

We are looking for more distribution and OEM partners worldwide.

AbelBonded GC Columns
AbelBonded GC Columns
Abel Industries Canada Ltd.

AbelBonded® gas chromatography columns (AB GC Columns, AB-1, AB-1MS, AB-5, AB-5MS, AB-InoWax, AB-FFAP, AB-624, AB-1701, AB-1301, AB-50+, AB-PONA),...

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