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TopAir Systems

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TopAir Systems is a supplier of superior clean air and containment solutions. TopAir clean air solutions are used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities within chemical/biological plants, universities, research & development facilities and hospitals, as well as in the electronics, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. The company's customer base is spread over several continents, with active sales in Europe, North & South America and Africa.

At TopAir, customer satisfaction comes first: The company is characterized by an especially flexible approach and customizes its products in accordance with customer requests, concerning dimensions, technical specifications and accessories. Moreover, TopAir offers a variety of products and models to accommodate and cover customer needs. Finally, the company does the utmost to develop cost-effective solutions of the highest quality, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Product safety is meticulously heeded: The most stringent guidelines are implemented to ensure the well-being of lab and manufacturing personnel, and significant efforts are invested in attaining relevant certifications.

TopAir has a strong commitment to innovation: It continuously reviews new technologies as they emerge, and invests significant resources in R&D in order to provide customers with the most advanced features in the market.

Ductless Fume Hood
Ductless Fume Hood
TopAir Systems

TopAir Systems' superior Polypropylene clean air solutions include Fume Cupboards, Ductless Fume Hoods and PCR Cabinets. Manufactured from high-quality...

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