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ZEISS EVO Scanning Electron Microscope

ZEISS EVO Scanning Electron Microscope

Supplier: Carl Zeiss Microscopy
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The ZEISS EVO next generation scanning electron microscope captures outstanding topographical details at low voltages with beam deceleration and high definition backscattered electron imaging. Unique X-ray geometry provides high resolution performances at analytical working conditions.

Three different chamber sizes accept a wide range of specimen sizes, including large objects in the fields of forensics, museum artifacts, car manufacturing, aerospace, flat panel displays and printed circuit boards.

Benefit from variable pressure operation as standard and upgrade paths to full environmental capabilities to observe materials interacting in real time. High definition beam source technology is available to further increase image contrast and resolution.

Use ZEISS EVO for studying the morphology and investigate the mineralogy of natural resources and to analyze the chemical composition of minerals and rocks. Or perform routine analysis to ensure manufactured components meet quality and durability requirements using automated analysis of particles to meet ISO 16232 standard. Analyze criminal evidence in forensics analysis including gunshot residue, coin forgery and toxicology.

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