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When it comes to Centrifuge Tubes there is One Clear Choice

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Available sterile or non-sterile in both 15 ml and 50 ml volumes. Both caps and tubes are autoclavable and can be used within temperature range of -90 to 122C.

They are manufactured from a durable, high quality medical grade resin that makes it possible to spin these tubes at higher g-forces than normal tubes can withstand.

They include large white, solvent-resistant labelling areas and black, easy to read graduations accurate to ± 5%.

The easy to label flat-cap design includes an integral sealing ring. This enables the user to seal the tube to an evaporation seal with a ¾ turn. A further ¼ turn will make the seal liquid tight. This easy-grip cap design is simple to use, even when wearing gloves.

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