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UltraLab Premium Plasticware

Supplier: Quality Environmental Containers
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QEC's line of premium HDPE and Polypropylene (PP) containers.

When demanding conditions require plasticware that's a notch or two above lab grade, QEC's UltraLab line of premium HDPE and polypropylene containers fills the bill.

These translucent rigid plastic containers are excellent for sampling sludge, soil, and water for metals. Constructed from top-quality premium-grade resins, UltraLab containers undergo rigorous pre-manufacturing design inspection and testing.

UltraLab's closure system is built to withstand vibration and eliminate closure back-off during shipping.

UltraLab containers and closures offer excellent chemical resistance. UltraLab HDPE and PP containers are available in case or bulk quantities. All are available pre-cleaned to EPA standards.

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