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Type-it Microsatellite PCR Kit (2000)

Cat no: 206246

Supplier: Qiagen
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Type-it Microsatellite PCR Kit. For fast and reliable multiplex PCR analysis of microsatellite loci. Kit contents: Qiagen Type-it Microsatellite PCR Kit, 2000 x 25L rxns, Genomic DNA Sample, Ideal for Multiplex PCR, Microsatellites, STRs, VNTRs, SSRs, For Fast and Reliable Multiplex PCR Analysis of Microsatellite loci, Includes 1 x 25mL 2x Multiplex PCR Master Mix, 1 x 10mL 5x Q-Solution, 1 x 20mL RNase-free Water. Benefits: Reliable microsatellite analysis by multiplex PCR. Microsatellite assay development without optimization. Successful and specific coamplification of all fragments. Optimized protocol for fast and reliable results. Easy instructions for use with various downstream analysis platforms
Catalogue number: 206246
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