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Taq PCR Core Kit (1000 U)

Cat no: 201225

Supplier: Qiagen
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Taq PCR Core Kit. For standard and specialized PCR applications, includes dNTP mix. Kit contents: Qiagen Taq PCR Core Kit, 1000U, 5U/L, 5' -> 3' Exonuclease Enzyme Activity, 10 min. at 97C. 60 min. at 94C Half-life, 2 to 4 kb/min. at 72C Extension Rate, dNTP, ddNTP, dUTP, biotin-11-dUTP, DIG-11-dUTP, fluorescent-dNTP/ddNTP Substrate Analogs, same/morethan 105 fold Amplification Efficiency, Genomic DNA and cDNA Sample, Ideal for Standard and Specialized PCR Applications, Includes Taq DNA Polymerase, 10x PCR Buffer, 10x CoralLoad PCR Buffer, 5x Q-Solution, 25mM MgCl2, dNTP Mix. Benefits: QIAGEN PCR Buffer for minimal optimization. Additional ready-to-load PCR buffer for faster handling. Q-Solution for amplification of GC-rich templates. Choice of formats for convenience and ease of handling
Catalogue number: 201225
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