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Stuart Acid resistant hotplate

Cat no: CP300

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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Acid resistant hotplate

A completely new concept in hotplates
PTFE construction with glass ceramic plate for exceptional resistance to chemical attack
Ideal for acid digestions or trace metal analysis
Separate control box connected with a PTFE coated lead

A heated glass ceramic plate mounted in a block of pure PTFE creates a powerful hotplate which is almost impervious to chemical attack, even by concentrated acids.

When boiling acid solutions the CP300 is unaffected by the fumes and splashes which eventually destroy conventional hotplates. The chemical inertness of the PTFE body and ceramic top plate also means that much more aggressive cleaning agents can be used. For example, if all traces of metal must be removed, this hotplate can be washed with concentrated nitric acid!

The separate temperature controller is connected to the hotplate via a 2 metre PTFE coated lead. This allows the hotplate to be located in a fume cupboard and the controller kept outside, well away from the corrosive environment. The controller is also fitted with a "Hot" warning light that will flash whenever the plate temperature of the hotplate is above 50°C and it will continue to operate when the hotplate is turned off and connected to the electricity supply.
The hotplate has a large 200mm square heated area so is ideal for heating either one large vessel or several smaller ones.

Catalogue number: CP300
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