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STI Multiplex Array

STI Multiplex Array

Supplier: Randox Laboratories
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STIs bring about complications that can reduce fertility, increase the risk of ectopic pregnancies and increase infant mortality.

As existing technologies or screening programmes do not meet the social or clinical need, Randox has developed this assay to provide a rapid, efficient and reliable clinical solution to STI detection. By testing for multiple STIs simultaneously, specific viral, protozoan and bacterial pathogens can be identified, resulting in targeted antibiotic/anti-viral therapy. It will also help identify secondary infections, which may have remained undiagnosed.

STI Multiplex Array:

• Chlamydia trachomatis
• Neisseria gonorrhoea
• Herpes simplex 1 and 2
• Treponema pallidum
• Mycoplasma hominis
• Ureaplasma urealticum
• Mycoplasma genitalium
• Haemophilius ducreyi
• Trichomonas vaginalis

Key Benefits:

• Simultaneously detect 10 STIs from a single patient sample
• Save time and cost associated with single infection detection
• Detection of asymptomatic co-infections
• Added specificity due to combination of stringent PCR and array hybridisation
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