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STEM RS9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station

Cat no: PS83000

Supplier: Bibby Scientific
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The RS 9000 Heater/Shaker Reaction Station can be used within a robotic workstation or as a stand-alone apparatus within the lab. On a robotic platform, heating and shaking cycles can be controlled by external software or as part of a fully automated system, through the RS232/ RS485/ GSIOC ports; for standalone use, there is the additional option of controlling heating and shaking cycles via the user-friendly touchscreen.

The touchscreen panel enables the temperature and shaking speeds to be changed using up/down arrows and the actual values are clearly displayed on a high definition LCD display which has an anti-glare coating. The LCD display is cool blue to be visible in both bright and dim lighting conditions, without deleteriously affecting light-sensitive chemicals. The touchscreen has a laminated toughened glass panel that is chemically resistant to most solvents.

Temperature probe
The RS9000 operates over a temperature range of ambient to 150°C. An optional temperature probe can be purchased and plugged into the din socket on the front panel.

Key features
• Very versatile as reaction blocks can be inter-changed to accommodate different vessels and tray formats
• Customised reactor blocks also available
• Can be used on a robotic platform or within a laboratory
• Choice of touchscreen control or external control via RS232/ RS485/ GSIOC ports
• Operates over a temperature range of ambient to 150°C
• Agitation speed of 100-600rpm
• Optional temperature probe
• 2-axis X-Y gyration system on solid bronze chassis that is both reliable and stable
• Auto-park feature enables use on robotic platforms
• Soft start ramping to minimise splashing
• Very safe to operate
• Provides many years of reliable use with continous 24 hour heating and agitation

Warranty: 1 year parts and labour

Certification: CE

Safety features
• Thermal cut-off eliminates runaway conditions
• Hot block warning via a highly visible warning display icon to alert you to when the block temperature is above 50°C, even when the apparatus is unplugged from the power supply
• Can be stopped rapidly in case of emergency by pressing down on the front sliding door. The front display will indicate "Door Open" and immediately stop
• Heating and stirring can be reset after stopping by closing the door and pressing the function key zones on the front panel to reactivate.

Catalogue number: PS83000
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