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ScreenFect™ Transfection Reagents – An Efficient Solution.

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Transfections can be hampered by reagent toxicity and poor efficiency. But, if you are experiencing disappointing results with your current transfection there is hope!

The ScreenFect™ range of lipid based transfection reagents offers a gentle and efficient solution.

ScreenFect A was identified by screening a library of novel lipid-like molecules produced by a proprietary thiol-yne based combinatorial click chemistry method.

Over 10% of the molecules from this lipid library were found to display higher transfection efficiency than other widely used commercial transfection reagents. The most efficient lipid-like molecules identified by this process have been harnessed to develop the ScreenFect family of products.

ScreenFect A is the original, multi-purpose transfection reagent for pDNA, siRNA and mRNA delivery as well as co-transfection into a broad range of cell lines such as HEK, HeLa, Mef and also primary cell lines. Extremely low cytotoxicity enables seeding and transfection of cells on the
same day with a simple, timesaving protocol. It is serum compatible so there is no need to change media and it is free from animal derived components.

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