Qiagen July 16
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Save Up To 25% on Test Tubes

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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For reliable performance and dependable quality choose Alpha Laboratories nonsterile, rimless test tubes and plug caps.

Test Tubes:
■ Clear polystyrene or polypropylene
■ Available in a variety of sizes and volumes from 2ml to 12ml
■ High chemical compatibility
■ Centrifuge up to 3000g

These are available in a wide variety of colours and are suitable for use with the Alpha Laboratories Polystyrene and Polypropylene roundbottomed test tubes as well as other standard test tubes you may have in your laboratory.

Plug Caps:
Plug caps offer a leak resistant seal for test tubes and other tubes. They are made from polyethylene and have a ribbed surface with high grip for easier handling. They have 2 sealing ribs for a firm seal with the tube (except the TU1100 which is a pressure plug). These plug caps are supplied natural in colour and are non-sterile.

Save up to 25% on tubes & caps now.

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