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Sample Master® iLIMS

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ATL will be unveiling its new Sample Master® iLIMS – a zero footprint application built on .NET framework. Sample Master® iLIMS is perfect for those organizations with multiple US locations or global operations, and an interest in utilizing tablet technology (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Trimble, etc.). The software leverages the modularity and user friendliness for which Sample Master® has become known, EDD generation, dashboards and dozens of ready to use reports.

Sample Master® iLIMS modules include:

Sample Tracking – Allow users to quickly and efficiently automate functions such as log-in, generation of bar code labels, and creation of quotes and invoices. Available reports include Chain of Custody (COC), log-in and sample conditions. Supporting documentation can be attached to any order.

Data Entry – Enter data, create QC Batches, review Audit Trails, run Trend Analysis, run the Geographic Information System (GIS), set up Unit Conversion and utilize our Master Query function to quickly mine data.

Sample Scheduling – Pre-log samples for routine collection. Samples can be automatically scheduled as daily, weekly monthly, quarterly, etc. Easily reschedule around holidays to ensure sampling events are not missed.

QA/QC – Graph results and create control charts. Configure tests to include QC, matrix spikes, blanks, duplicates, surrogates and many others. Enter control limits manually or via calculated historical limits.

Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) – Transfer data from instruments to Sample Master® iLIMS. Instrument output files are parsed into the required input format, and the LIMS Task Manager can scan specific directories at user definable times for files to import. Exact data to be imported can be specified in the case of multiple runs or dilutions. Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) are easily created through the EDD designer.

Chemical Inventory – Track supplies and vendors, as well as assigning prices to supplies, tracking lot numbers, and assigning expiration dates. The Sample Master® Report Dashboard will provide reports that can be automatically emailed to alert users of supplies approaching expiration or require re-order.

Resource Management – Manage instrument calibration schedules and personnel certificate renewal alerts to stay compliant with all your regulatory requirements. Out of date calibrations or certificates will prevent specifics tasks from being performed within the LIMS.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – This module offers an easy way to effectively support system deviations through an organized method of tracking, monitoring, and quickly resolving potential problems. This will facilitate the execution of corrective and preventative actions to ensure regulatory compliance.

Time Tracking – Ideal for managing employees and tracking time expended on laboratory tasks and projects. Create stand-alone projects or multiple projects for a single and calculate billable hours through to completion.

LIMS Maintenance Module – This module is comprised of the entire laboratory’s static information and is where Sample Master® iLIMS setup information and default settings are found.

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