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Rocket™ High Speed Evaporator

Rocket™ High Speed Evaporator

Supplier: Genevac Ltd.
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Rapid Evaporation of Larger Volume Samples

The culmination of Genevac R&D with user collaboration is the revolutionary evaporation technology, incorporated in the Rocket™ High Speed Evaporator.

The Rocket evaporator is designed to quickly process larger volumes of solvent in parallel and without supervision, the Rocket Evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate six flasks, each containing up to 450ml of solvent. Alternatively a special holder or "Puck" can replace the flask and carry 3 ASE vials in each position.

The user is able to focus on other tasks, confident that the Rocket will achieve perfect, reproducible results every time. If you are running 4 or more rotary evaporators at the same time, then the Rocket is for you!

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