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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes (50 x 1.5 ml)

Cat no: 76154

Supplier: Qiagen
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RNAlater TissueProtect Tubes. For collection, RNA stabilization, transport, and storage of tissues. Kit contents: Qiagen RNAlater TissueProtect Tube, 50 x 1.5mL, For Collection, RNA Stabilization, Transport and Storage of Tissues, Reliable Gene Expression and Gene-profiling Data, Convenient and Safe Handling at Room Temperature, Easy Collection and Storage in Reclosable Tubes, Ideal for miRNA Purification, mRNA Purification, Total RNA Purification, Includes 50 Screw-top Tubes Containing 1.5mL RNAlater RNA Stabilization Reagent. Benefits: Immediate RNA stabilization and protection. Reliable gene expression and gene-profiling data. Convenient and safe handling at room temperature. Tissue archiving without risk of RNA degradation. Easy collection and storage in reclosable tubes
Catalogue number: 76154
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