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REPLI-g UltraFast Mini Kit (100)

Cat no: 150035

Supplier: Qiagen
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REPLI-g UltraFast Mini Kit. For ultrafast highly uniform whole genome amplification from small or precious samples. Kit contents: Qiagen REPLI-g UltraFast Mini Kit, 100 x 20micro L rxns, 1L Minimal Pipetting Volume Needed, 60 to 90 min. Reaction Time, ~10g Yield, Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) Technology, Alkaline Denaturation Step, Mid Samples/Run. Throughput, Ideal for Genotyping, microarray, PCR, Real-time PCR Applications, For Ultrafast Highly Uniform Whole Genome Amplification from Small or Precious Samples, Includes DNA Polymerase, Buffers and Reagents. Benefits: Fast 1
Catalogue number: 150035
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