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REPLI g Midi Kit (100)

Cat no: 150045

Supplier: Qiagen
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REPLI-g Midi Kit. For highly uniform whole genome amplification from small or precious samples. Kit contents: Qiagen REPLI-g Midi Kit, 100 rxns, 15 min. Hands-on time, 8 to 16 hr. Reaction Time, 40g/rxns Yield, Purified gDNA, Blood, Cells Starting Material, Tube Format, MDA Technology, For Highly Uniform Whole Genome Amplification from Small or Precious Samples, Includes DNA Polymerase, Buffers and Reagents for 100 x 50L Qhole Genome Amplification Reactions. Benefits: Easy amplification with consistent yields of 40 micro g. Unbiased amplification of genomic loci. Reliable results due to Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA). Amplified DNA highly suitable for most downstream applications. No risk of DNA degradation during long-term storage
Catalogue number: 150045
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