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QuantiTect Virus +ROX Vial Kit (1000)

Cat no: 211035

Supplier: Qiagen
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QuantiTect Virus Kits. For highly sensitive detection of viral RNA and/or DNA. Kit contents: Qiagen QuantiTect Virus +ROX Vial Kit, 1000 x 50L rxns, Single and Multiplex Assays, Sequence-specific Probes, Reverse Transcription and PCR Reaction Type, For Highly Sensitive Detection of Viral RNA and/or DNA, Includes QuantiTect Virus NR Master Mix (Without ROX dye), ROX Dye Solution, QuantiTect Virus RT Mix, RNase-free Water, QuantiTect Nucleic Acid Dilution Buffer. Benefits: High sensitivity in single and multiplex assays. Detection of viral RNA and/or DNA in the same reaction. Clear detection of weak positive signals. Fast universal 2-step protocols. 5x master mix for higher sensitivity with more sample input
Catalogue number: 211035
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