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QIAamp Virus BioRobot MDx Kit (12)

Cat no: 965652

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAamp Virus BioRobot MDx Kit . For automated purification of viral DNA and RNA from cell-free body fluids on the BioRobot MDx workstation. Kit contents: Qiagen QIAamp Virus BioRobot MDx Kit, 12 x 96 preps, 265L Sample, 75L Elution Volume, Silica Technology, Automated Processing, 96-well Plate Format, >90% Recovery Yield, Ideal for PCR, qPCR, Real-time PCR Application, For Automated Purification of Viral DNA and RNA from cell-free Body Fluids on the BioRobot MDx workstation, Includes 12 QIAamp 96 Plates, RNase-free Buffers, Qiagen Protease, Elution Microtubes CL, Caps, S-Blocks, Carrier RNA. Benefits: Rapid isolation of high-quality, ready-to-use viral DNA and RNA. No organic extraction or alcohol precipitation. Consistent, high yields. Removal of contaminants and inhibitors
Catalogue number: 965652
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