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QIAamp DNA Mini QIAcube Kit (240)

Cat no: 51326

Supplier: Qiagen
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QIAamp DNA Mini QIAcube Kit. For automated isolation of genomic, mitochondrial, bacterial, parasite, or viral DNA on the QIAcube. Kit contents: Qiagen QIAamp DNA mini QIAcube Kit, 240 preps, Automated Purification, With up to 12 Samples/Run, Provides Rapid Isolation of High-quality, Ready-to-use DNA from Tissues, Swabs, CSF, Blood, Body Fluids or Washed Cells from Urine, For Automated Isolation of Genomic, Mitochondrial, Bacterial, Parasite or Viral DNA on the QIAcube, Includes QIAamp mini Rotor Adapters, Proteinase K and Buffers. Benefits: Fast setup with preloaded rotor adapters. Standardized results and streamlined workflow. Helps to eliminate loading errors. Kit provides everything needed for automated processing. Automated purification, with up to 12 samples per run
Catalogue number: 51326
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