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Purecell NU-5100 CO2 Direct Heat Air Jacketed Incubator

Cat no: NU-5100

Supplier: NuAire, Inc.
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The PureCell NU-5100 Direct Heat (DH) Autoflow CO2 Incubator is designed to provide a reliable controlled in-vitro environment for optimum tissue cell culture growth. The chamber also provides an environment for the storage and preservation of embryos, gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature, containing all five parameters that contribute to optimum growth conditions; Humidity, Precise temperature control, Precise CO2 control, Sterility, and Reliability.
Catalogue number: NU-5100
Size: 23 x 23
Weight: 135 lbs (62 kg)
P type: CO2 Incubator

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