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Peak Performance Plate Seals

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Alpha Laboratories is pleased to announce eXTReme™ Sealing Films and Foils for PCR and Storage, the newest additions to Excel Scientific’s Adhesive Sealing Films line.

eXTReme films offer high performance under extreme conditions. The films feature a specially formulated adhesive that provides an excellent seal for all plate materials and is especially well suited for dual component (polycarbonate/polypropylene) PCR plates.

What’s more, eXTReme Seal films remove cleanly from plate surfaces without adhesive stringing, residue or contamination. Each sealing film offers sufficient sealing area for all plate types (e.g. flat top and raised-rim). The seal will not extend beyond the top edge of the plate and together with the chamfered corners make this product ideal for robotics handling applications.

eXTReme™ Adhesive Seals are available in 2 formats - eXTReme™ Sealing Films for PCR and storage, and eXTReme™ FoilSeal™ Sealing Foils for PCR, long-term compound storage, light sensitive assays and robotics.

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