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OxyDNA Test - For Oxidative DNA Damage

OxyDNA Test - For Oxidative DNA Damage

Supplier: Argutus Medical
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OxyDNA Tes
t is a simple, convenient and sensitive fluorescence method based kit for oxidative DNA damage detection.

Oxidative DNA damage can lead to mutation, carcinogenesis, teratogenesis or cell death and is indicated in a wide range of pathological conditions.

The probe in the OxyDNA Test is specific for 8-oxoguanine (8OG) which is formed during free radical damage to DNA and is a sensitive and specific indicator of DNA oxidation.

Previously, 8-oxoguanine was difficult to detect, requiring HPLC analysis, however by utilizing a binding protein with high avidity and specificity for 8OG, as in the OxyDNA Test, detection of DNA damage can be achieved quickly and easily.

Oxidative DNA Damage is caused by a wide variety of agents and the OxyDNA test therefore has a wide range of applications, including applications in Cancer Research, Skincare Research, Toxicology, Diabetes Research, Fertility Monitoring & Research.

Each OxyDNA Test Kit allows for 50 determinations.

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