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NightOWL LB 983 in vivo Imaging System

Supplier: Berthold Technologies
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The pioneering in vivo Imager

With the Luminograph Berthold Technologies introduced its first low light imaging instrument in 1989. The first in vivo gene expression experiments in plants and animals performed on this instrument date back to the year 1993.

The NightOWL in its second generation is nowadays a state-of-the-art molecular imaging system for in vivo gene expression with luciferases and fluorescent proteins as well as for the localisation with fluorescent-labelled antibodies.

Sensitivity, versatility and ease-of-use in combination make the NightOWL a superior instrument.

• deep-cooled CCD camera
• moving camera for flexible field of view
• signal intensity is height-corrected
• multiple accessories for different specimens
• software controlled interfaces and power sockets
• ports for outside access

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