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MultiSpec Spectrometer system series

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Spectrometer system series for measuring absorption/transmission, reflection, concentration color, thin-film thickness, fluorescence in the laboratory or process control. Contains broadband light source (Deuterium and Halogen) and detector-array based spectrometer module includes permanent wavelength calibration and intensity accuracy up to 1/100% (4AU) for low-maintenance operation (light bulb exchange necessary every 2000 hours). CCD versions available for high sensitivity.

High-end electronics allow reliable, fast data acquisition from UV to NIR (up to 1000 spectra/sec), large dynamic range (65,000 counts). Simultaneous operation of up to 8 independent channels per instrument and several individual instruments. Fiber-optic interfaces with SMA connectors with large fiber diameter and high NA to provide high throughput and easy connection to fiber-optic accessories such as immersion probes. PCI, USB, or Ethernet interfaces for flexibility of operation. Programming tools for C(++), VB, Delphi, LabVIEW available.

Application software can include color analysis, peak finder, and chemometrics. GRAMS MyInstrument also available. System Customizations possible.

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