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Cat no: PD410

Supplier: Randox Laboratories
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G-6-PDH is an enzyme which breaks down carbohydrates. It protects Red Blood Cells from haemolysis, oxidising drugs and infection. G-6-PDH deficiency is the most common enzyme disorder in the world affecting 400 million people. People with G-6-PDH deficiency should avoid red blood cell damaging triggers such as ingesting legumes and some drugs e.g. aspirin. Symptoms which could prompt testing include genetic history, jaundice, dark urine, abdominal pain, back pain, lowered red blood cell count and elevated bilirubin levels. Those with severe G-6-PDH deficiency may also have gallstones, enlarged spleens, defective white blood cells and cataracts. The Randox G6P-DH assay offers excellent analytical performance. Applications are available for PD410 on a wide range of clinical chemistry analyzers.
Catalogue number: PD410
Regulatory status: Not currently FDA approved
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