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DNA View System, 15 x 15cm gel tray

Supplier: Alpha Laboratories
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Combining the flexible, high resolution capabilities of the Clarit-E CHOICE system, with an integrated power supply and blue LED gel illuminator, DNA-VIEW provides a single convenient, time and space saving compact bench top unit. This versatile, portable, self contained real-time horizontal gel electrophoresis system has an adapted lid, containing an orange spectral emission filter. Maximise the efficiency of DNA recovery from Ethidium Bromide and SYBR stained gels See your samples separate in real time Harvest your DNA of interest once it enters the 'extraction' tier Reduce the number of steps involved in post electrophoretic purification. Track DNA without harmful UV. Uses safe blue light, no risk of UV mutagenesis to compromise cloning efficiency. Save on time-consuming gel elution techniques. Once harvested, the DNA needs only to be cleaned by a straightforward ethanol precipitation. No expensive commercial gels DNA-VIEW works with standard Ethidium Bromide, SYBR Green and SYBR Safe gels cast within the 15x7, 15x10 or 15x15cm Clarit-E CHOICE gel trays, and therefore does not require expensive precast gels and accessories.
Additional info: Complete with casting dams for real time viewing of gel runs.

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