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Cavro Omni General Purpose Pipetting Robot

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Cavro® Omni Robot

• Flexible OEM liquid handling robot• flexible modular design
• increased robustness and reliability results in long life and less maintenance
• easy to integrate

The Cavro Omni Robot is a versatile general purpose pipetting robot offering a high level of flexibility for precision liquid handling applications. Its modular design is unique among OEM liquid handling systems, with a broad choice of lengths, orientations and options for all three axes, making it easily configurable to suit the specific needs of your instrument design. Each unit can be configured and assembled to order, ensuring that you receive an XYZ robot with the features you require.

Integrating the Cavro Omni Robot is straightforward by design. Its flexible mounting options and standards-based Ethernet interface allow easy installation, making the Cavro Omni Robot the ideal choice for OEM autosampler or sample preparation applications requiring disposable tips or fixed pipetting probes. The system’s high payload capacity opens up a broad range of automation capabilities, such as grippers for plate transfer, as well as dual Z-axes to maximize productivity.

The simple design of the Cavro Omni Robot promises the same exceptional reliability and low maintenance that are characteristic of all Tecan Cavro products. Compact linear motion slides provide high precision and smooth, linear movements, while industry-proven stepper motors and self-lubricating bearings add to the durability of the Cavro Omni Robot. The closed­-loop positioning system provides you with the security and assurance of knowing exactly where the pipetting probe is located at all times.

The Cavro Omni Robot’s enclosed design hides all working parts from view, providing a professional appearance, and custom colors can be chosen to match the look and feel of your product for OEM volume orders.

Safety and regulatory compliance

Tecan Cavro OEM components are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 requirements, EU RoHS directives and the QSR compliant quality system. Most Tecan Cavro components are UL recognized components (standard UL61010A-1) and bear the UL designation label. The UL file number is E164638. Products shown are not to scale and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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